Need a little help with the Swearsearch??

Here are the words you are looking for....please note - not for those with a sensitive disposition!!

ahole, anus, asshat, asshole, asswad, asswipe,
ballbag, bastard, bitch, blowjob, bollocks, bozo, butthead, buttmunch, bullshit
cameltoe, choad, chode, clitface, clusterfuck, cock, cocknugget, cumbubble, cunt, cuntarse, cunninglingus
dick, dickbag, dickhead, dickhole, dickjuice, dickmilk, dicksneeze, dickwad, dickweasel, dickweed, dildo, dipshit, douchebag, dumbass, dumbfuck, dumbshit
fannyfart, fuck, fuckbag, fuckface, fuckhead, fucking, fucknut, fuckoff, fucksticks, fuckup, fuckwitt,
goddamn, godamnit
handjob, hardon, hell, hoe, hoebag
jackass, jerkoff, jizz
minge, minger, motherfucker, muff
peckerhead, penis, pissflaps, pissy, poonani, poontang, prick, pussy
schlong, scrote, shit, shitbreath, shitter, shitstain, skank, skullfuck, slut, slutbag, smeghead, snatch, sphincter, suckass
tit, testicle, thundercunt, twat
vagina, vajayjay
wanker, whorebag