Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fever Fever

Recently did some cd covers for local band Fever Fever. This has to have been one of my favouritest print jobs I have done ever (sorry other people I have done print jobs for - no offence!) Just because the design was so nice (done by the band) and I got to do four colour separation printing or 'four colour penetration printing' as Rosie from the band put it! For those of you wanting to know what in the world four colour separation printing is..... 
Take your design (above) and in Photoshop spilt it into the four colour channels C, M, Y and K and make a screen out of each channel....

Print the Cyan channel first

Then the Magenta one over the top

Then the Yellow over the top of them

And finally the Key (black) layer over the top of them

Ta - Dah!

Cds selling on the band's merch table. Find out more about the band here and listen to them here. Do it - your ears will thank you